Child Marriage Project

Child Marriage Project

SSO with the support of United Nations Adolescent Girls Task Force (UNAGTF) started a campaign against child marriages in 30 Union Councils of Dadu district, Sindh. In this regard, the following activities are conducted to run the project smoothly.


  • Awareness walks in four talukas of the district
  • District Level Seminar
  • Theater plays
  • Formation of anti child marriage committees
  • Awareness messages aired through FM Radio 99 Dadu


  • Highlight the issue from U.C level to district level
  • Involved the media, civil society and elected representatives
  • FM Radio 99 Dadu invited in its live program to one member of SSO on the issue
  • Communities have sensitized on the issue and know the harms of child marriages
  • Elected representative also participated in the events and appreciated the efforts on this bad custom


Help End Child Marriages in Pakistan- Project2


Sujag Sansar Organization: Sujag= conscious= Sansar=world. Thus Sujag Sansar stands for a conscious and aware world.  Sujag team since its formation in January 2005,  is struggling with communities to curb extremists and conservative tendencies among the communities who lagged behind and did not catch up with the fast progressing world. SSO encourages and promotes good old values of unmatched hospitality and togetherness of the Sindhi culture and strongly stands against the outdated and cruel practice of honor killings, child marriages, forced marriages and other kinds of violence against women and gender discrimination.  SSO aspire free speech and resists forces that impose their ideologies on the passive and oppressed segments of the local society.

SSO is located in a small rural town of Johi, in Sindh and after starting work with the support of few volunteers now has spread its outreach to entire Sindh and is recognized as  human right defender organization at locally, nationally and internationally


SSO-CATAPULT Campaign against Child Marriages

Sujag Sansar started project titled “help end child marriages in Pakistan” with the support of Catapult organization, an online funding platform in 2013.  The efforts was started in those area of Dadu District where SSO during its previous work on child marriages could not reached out.

Through this project, key stakeholders i.e. performers of marriages rituals, faith leaders, journalists, village communities and others were involved in awareness, advocacy activities. IEC material, print and electronic as well as social media were engaged and utilized for creating momentum against child marriages. Theater tool proved very effective tool in creating awareness in rural community with limited literacy.  The village committees were formed and mobilized to play their part in preventing child marriages in their area and coordinating and reporting planned child marriages to concerned government departments and media.



  • The key stakeholders aware and motivated to play their part in checking child marriages
  • After attending training and other project activities, marriages ritual performs locally called Nikahkhawns refused and are refusing performing child marriages ritual
  • Journalist reported, is reporting and will continue to report child marriages cases after attending workshop with journalist arranged under this project.
  • Aware parents through this project avoid marriages of their children
  • The trained and motivated village committees persuade the parents not arrange their marriages who despite awareness still insist marrying their children on various pretexts and if did not desist the committee report  such planed marriages to media are human right cell at district level
  • SSO campaign through media and meeting with elected representatives  contributed in passage of the law against child marriages by Sindh Assembly 

Reducing Child Labour in Dadu District- Projct

Reducing Child Labour in Dadu District- Project

SSO is running project under “reducing child labour in Dadu district” since 2016 with the support of Federal Ombudsman/NCO & UNICEF.

We are reducing the drop out ratio of out of school children, enrolling children in schools through conducting teacher & SMCs meetings, communities meetings, awareness theater plays, walks and seminars.


Sujag Theater Group


In mid of 2000s a conscious group of friends formed a theater group and started performing on different social issues. As this tool was new in the area the communities showed keen interest and participated in this interactive activity keenly. Sujag Theater Group availed the different trainings from prominent institutions of Pakistan and these trainings proved very beneficial for the group.

At present, Sujag Theater Group has worked/working with following organizations on the themes:


Sr. #




Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF)

Child Marriage Issue


Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS-FALAH)

Birth Spacing


Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO)

Child Marriage Issue


Solidarites International

Health, Hygiene & DRR


Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP)



Oxfam Novib



Church World Service (CWS P/A)

Scarcity of Drinking Water


Interactive Resource Centre (IRC)

Extremisms, Safe Drinking Water



Health and Birth Spacing


Red Crescent Society

Health Hygiene



Relief Work:

SSO along with its volunteers worked on rescue and relief in floods 2007 and 2010 we provided food and non food items to 200 families in Dadu District with the support of District Government, BHPBilliton and IOM.

We remained in close contact and participated in the meeting of line departments, INGOs and coordinated with local NGOs and media.

Friends of SSO

  • NHRF-
  • Girls Not Brides
    Girls Not Brides
  • The Elders
    The Elders
  • Catapult
  • Federal Ombudsman
    Federal Ombudsman
  • Amplifychange

SSO Updates

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Sujag Theater Group of SSO performing awareness theater plays on social issues with different partners/stakeholders....
SSO won 2nd Award on World Day against Child Labour in Pakistan. Mr. Mashooque Birhamani, CEO, SSO got award from Honorable Speaker of National Assembly, Mr. Ayaz Sadique....
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