Vision & Objectives


  • To aware the world with joint efforts for of community for Equity, Peace, Justice and prosperity.


  • Aware the peoples to think, act and resolve the issues pertaining to their lives and their surroundings
  • Preserving and promoting cultural knowledge, wisdom and heritage
  • Facilitating thought process to achieve self-awakening and consciousness towards social change.
  • Creating the spirit of collectivism, volunteerism and activism in the youth
  • To facilitate and help people enabling them to struggle for their rights themselves, instead relying on others.
  • To bring improvement in the behaviors and attitudes of the people for making a society better place to live in for all human beings without any discrimination on the basis of cast, creed, race or gender.
  • To struggle against all forms of violence and exploitations prevalent to suppress women.
  • To facilitate, motivate and mobilize new generation for adopting science and technology as tools for improving their martial lot as well as for their respective area.
  • To struggle for the rights of most marginalized sections of society.
  • To contribute in the struggle of civil society for social change.

Friends of SSO

  • NHRF-
  • Girls Not Brides
    Girls Not Brides
  • The Elders
    The Elders
  • Catapult
  • Federal Ombudsman
    Federal Ombudsman
  • Amplifychange

SSO Updates

Please visit our website for ongoing/completed projects....
Sujag Theater Group of SSO performing awareness theater plays on social issues with different partners/stakeholders....
SSO won 2nd Award on World Day against Child Labour in Pakistan. Mr. Mashooque Birhamani, CEO, SSO got award from Honorable Speaker of National Assembly, Mr. Ayaz Sadique....
There is no vacancy at this time. Thank you for your interest with SSO....