About Us

Dr Soomar Khoso

Chairman- Board of Directors

With degree of MBBS, M.A (Sociology) and Diploma in Communication Mr Khoso has more than 15 years experience in health, literature and development sectors. Dr Soomar serving on the post of Provincial Coordinator in health emergency sector of World Health Organization (WHO), Sindh.

Dr Sindhoo Almas Khowaja

Board Member

Dr. Sindhu Almas is a social activist, development practitioner and die-hard defenders of human rights specifically upholding the rights of women and young girls located in challenging contexts at various levels in Pakistan. Having a rural background as a mediocre women, her personal and professional journey depicts a courageous transition from being underprivileged to a socially active and empowered women who has made conscious decisions to raise the voice against all those crucial issues which deprive the poor women and girls from their fundamental rights. Representing herself as a rural women of Sindh, she has always been very loud and clear to focus on heinous issues of early child marriages, girls education and violence against women which are very prevalent in Sindh and other parts of country.

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Pirzado

Board Member

Mr. Pirzado basically holds Master’s degree in Economics. Has experience as a teacher, researcher and development professional. The areas of experience include teaching Mathematics & Statistics for Economists, Research Methodology, Macroeconomics and Development Economics. Research and development experience includes consultancies with multi-disciplinary teams for different national and international organizations. Mr. Pirzada is presently working with University of Sindh, Jamshoro as Incharge/Assistant Professor in Department of Economics.

Mr. Hakim Ali Shah Bukhari

Board Member

With M.A in Archeology Mr. Bukhari has vast experience in archeology and history. He is also a well known researcher and author of many books. Mr. Bukhari is serving as Regional Director in Endowment Fund Trust (EFT), Sindh.

Ms. Nawab Zadi

Board Member

Ms. Nawab Zadi is female social activist and raising her voice against the violence against women since past 15 years. She has specialization in education and is graduate.

Mr. Ishtique Ali Ansari

Board Member

A renowned researcher, archeologist and writer of many books Mr Ishtique Ali Ansari has vast experience in literature, development and archeology. Having B.E (Civil), L.L.B and M.A in Sindhi Mr Ansari is serving as Civil Engineer/AC in WAPDA.

Mr. Mashooque Birhamani

Board Secretary/CEO- SSO

With M.A in Political Science Mr. Birhamani has more than 15 years experience in social development sector. Mr. Birhamani is also a good trainer and has vast experience in human rights development. He worked with many national and international organizations on the human rights education and issues.